Walk Descriptions & Schedules

Short Walks: Approx 2 to 2.5 hrs duration, 7 to 10 km, on flat roads and track. For schedules Click Here

Rambles: Approx 4 to 5 hrs,15 to 20 km ,on road and track. Occasionally walking on uneven ground and low level ascents up to 250m. For schedules Click Here

“C Walks”: For novice and other hillwalkers seeking climbs at a gentle pace. Typically 4 to 4.5 hrs with a total ascent of 400m to 600m, over rough terrain and usually ascending a single peak. For schedules Click Here

“B” Walks: For walkers with experience of hillwalking and a reasonable level of fitness. Typically 5 to 6 hours with a total ascent of 600m to 900m on rough and steep terrain over one to two peaks. For schedules Click Here

“A” Walks: For experienced and fit hillwalkers. Typically 5 to 7 hours in duration with a total ascent of 800m to 1200m on rough and steep terrain over several peaks. For schedules Click Here

*Accumulated height is the sum of all the climbs/ascents during a walk.

“A” Walk:
Derryclare, Bencorr, Bencollaghduff (Twelve Bens Range)
Duration (hrs): 12.5 7hrs
Guests are not allowed on A walks.
Max. height (m):711Accum. height (m)1150
“B” Walk:Benchoona Horseshoe (inc Garraun and Binn Fhraoigh ) from Lettergesh Beach
Distance (km): Duration (hrs)10 5hrs
New members should complete three C Walks before joining a B.
Max. height (m):588Accum. height (m)670
“C” Walk:Tully Mountain (Letterfrack)
Distance (km): Duration (hrs)4hrs 30mins Approx
New members and guests should complete a ramble before joining a C walk.
Max. height (m):341Accum. height (m)490
Cong to Clonbur Loop Walk –A mix of walking through scenic forest and woodland trails and quiet minor country roads
Distance (km): Duration (hrs)20 5hrs
Max. height (m):51Accum. height (m)228
Short Walk:Rinville (Oranmore) Mainly coastal tracks along Galway Bay.
Distance (km): Duration (hrs)7 2 hrs
Visitors should email info@galwaywalkingclub.ie to book a space on this walk as numbers can be limited.
Max. height (m):26Accum. height (m)93

Important Notices

  • Dogs are not allowed on any club walk 
  • The Club encourages all Walkers doing short Walks & Rambles to wear high vis jackets & always proper walking boots and gear. Please refer to our sections on walkers guidelines and equipment.
  • Please don’t make noise/disturb the families residing near the car park at Kelehans at Bushypark when we meet there, as requested by them