GWC Guidelines for Walkers

● Select a walk that matches your ability, experience and fitness level on the day.
All walkers should endeavour to keep pace with the main body of the group.
● It is the individual walker’s responsibility to ensure that they wear and carry the
appropriate footwear, clothing and equipment for the walk.
● In order to mitigate the impact on the environment and address car parking issues GWC operates a car-pooling system. The recommended contribution to the driver is €5 per passenger for a journey of less than 20km and €10 per passenger for a journey in excess of 20km.
● Listen to the Walk Leader’s description and instructions at the start of the walk.
Follow the Walk Leader’s guidance and advice at all times.
● Notify the Walk Leader discreetly of any relevant medical condition(s) before the
start of the walk.
● The Walk Leader may extend, curtail, or alter the walk on the day, for the safety
of the group, or in response to the weather conditions.
● On public roads, walk on the right hand side of the road, in single file, facing oncoming traffic, in groups of less than 20. Leave adequate distance between
groups to enable the passage of approaching vehicles.
● Wear a yellow high-viz vest when walking on public roads, and when visibility is
poor on the hills. Walk Leaders normally wear orange vests.
● Leave gates as you find them, open or closed. If you must climb over a gate,
always do so one at a time on the hinged/hung side only.
● Follow established paths and tracks where possible.
● Show respect at all times towards landowners, their property and land, their
animals, wildlife and the environment.
● Hillwalking, climbing and rambling are activities that can be dangerous and may
result in personal injury or death. All walkers should be aware of and accept
these risks and be responsible for their own activities and involvement
(Mountaineering Ireland).
● “If you bring it in, take it out” (Leave no trace of food waste or litter).
● Dogs are not allowed on any club walk.
● Bring a change of clothing and footwear, a towel and a bag to stow your wet
clothing, dirty boots and gear in the driver’s car after the walk.