We are a welcoming group for people of all ages in Galway interested in walking and hiking to meet like-minded people.

Welcome to the Galway Walking Club

We are a friendly group of people of all ages in Galway interested in walking, hiking, and meeting like-minded people.

We organise hill walks, rambles and short walks throughout Ireland, along with regular organised trips abroad, weekends away, summer BBQs and Christmas parties for our members. The ethos of our club is to be inclusive and welcoming.

All new members and guests to the Club should refer to “Guildelines & Equipment” under “Walks and Schedules” for information on participating in GWC walks

In order to ensure the safety of all walkers it is recommended that guests and new members complete a ramble before participating in a B or C walk. Due to the level of fitness and stamina required guests are not allowed on our A walks.

Membership is now closed and will re-open to new and existing members in October 2022.

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