Whats App Groups for GWC Members

WhatsApp groups have been set up for all members wishing to book a place on a walk, i.e.

A Hills: 10-18km in length with 800-1200m accumulated ascent and usually 5-7 hrs;

A Walk Coordinator:  Bryan McCabe GWCAhillwalks@gmail.com

B Hills: 9-12km in length with 600-800m ascent and usually 4.5-5.5 hrs.

B Walk Coordinator:  Valerie Greaney valeriegreaney@gmail.com

C Hills: 7-10km in length with 400-600m ascent, 4-5 hr.

C Walk Coordinator:  Hanora Gilligan +353876485877 (Deputizing for Bernie Healy)

Rambles: 15-18km in length with 200m ascent, 4.5 hrs.

Ramble Walk Coordinator:  Jerry Lalor jerrylalor@gmail.com

Short Walks: 9-10km in length with 100m ascent, 2-2.25 hrs.

Short Walk Coordinator:  Berni Stephens bernistephens@gmail.com

  • GWC members can join the dedicated WhatsApp groups for the above walks by contacting the Walk Coordinator. 
  • All Walks are held fortnightly. Our Upcoming Walk page contains information on the type of walk, duration, distance, height of ascent/climb and meeting point. In addition a reminder of the walk will issue via WhatsApp.
  • Walks have to be booked in advance on the WhatsApp group, with a cut-off of 8.00pm on the Friday before the Sunday walk.
  • Please only reply to a notice for an upcoming walk if you intend to participate.
  • On the day of the walk, the Walk Leader will have sole discretion on any decisions relating to the progress of the walk. This will include deciding if a walker is suitably attired or not. The required clothing/gear is listed on the club website.
  • During the walk, the Walk Leader will set the pace to suit the route and the main group of walkers on the day.
  • Whilst walking on public roads it is imperative that walkers walk not more than two abreast
  • Walkers are encouraged to develop their map reading and navigation skills. There are many experienced walkers and walk leaders in all groups, who are more than willing to help their fellow walkers to develop basic map reading, compass and navigation skills or to operate mobile phone navigation apps.
  • Carpooling can be arranged through the WhatsApp group. After the initial message, please text each other privately.
  • All GWC Walks are covered by the M.I. Insurance Policy.
  • The club would not exist without Leaders, so appreciate the ones we have, and think about becoming one yourself.  Aspiring walk leaders are more than welcome to contact the Walk Coordinator, with a view to developing the skills to lead/sweep a walk.
  • To avoid Whatsapp Groups being swamped, the posting of photos, videos and other unnecessary content is discouraged.
  • Please only reply to a notice for an upcoming walk if you intend to participate.

In order to ensure your health and safety on all GWC walks please also review the following pages: