Walking Marathon 2023

Saturday 12th August 2023

Route Description: The Marathon is waymarked from start to finish.
Pre-registration is required on Eventbrite.

42.2 km 550 m (Total Ascent) taking about 8 – 9 hours

Maam [Mám] Community Centre (L 962 523 )
Check-in 7.30 am. Tea/coffee available.
Buses leave at 8.00 am (sharp), to bring you to the start of the marathon.

FIRST HALF: 22.0 km 193m (ascent) about 4 hours

1. Road junction (L 819 605)

Start time about: 8.30 am. Turn left on the L5102 (Tullycross) from
N 59, for 4.5 km along north shore of Lough Fee. Be aware of traffic coming from behind.

2. Road junction (L 778 624)

Take the minor road to the right to Rosroe Pier, going north for 3 km.

3. Rosroe (L 771 649) Checkpoint 1

Follow the track eastwards beside Killary Harbour [Caoláire Rua] for 4 km, to a minor road for another 3 km, to rejoin the N 59 road. Be aware of traffic on N59. Turn left, walk for 100m to the Quarry on the right.

4. Disused Quarry (L 823 607) Checkpoint 2

Water Refill Station. 15.3 km walked.
Walk along the N 59 north eastwards for just 650 m. Watch out for the fast traffic coming towards you!

5. Road junction (L 827 612) Sharp turn to the right on to a minor road L51021 (Glencroff). After 600 m you meet the “Western Way”, which is way-marked with ‘Yellow Man’ posts. Follow the Western Way for the rest of the walk. A short boardwalk leads to a footbridge over a stream, then southwards on a forest road for 4 km.


Follow the Yellow Man 20.2 km 361m (ascent) about 4 hours
The Half Marathon walkers join the route here, walking back to Maam Community Centre.

6. Tooreenacoona (L 825 572) Checkpoint 3
This is at a small bridge over a stream just after leaving the forest. Continue along the Western Way, now a well-defined track across dry open peatland, for 5.5 km to the Checkpoint 4. Binn Bhriocáin [Leitir Breacáin] (668 m) and Cnoc na hUilleann (605 m) on your left, at the heart of the mighty Maum Turks ridge.

7. Uillinn (L 859 534) Checkpoint 4

Water Refill Station. 27.4 km walked
You can avail of a lift back to base from here.
The Western Way track joins a minor road at this elbow for the next 5 km, to Checkpoint 5.
The middle Maum Turks ridge continues on your left, passing underneath Binn idir an Dá Log [ Mulnahogue] (702 m), Barr Sliabh na Ráithe (659 m) and finally Binn Chuiní [ Binn Chaonaigh] (634 m) as you approach the car park.

8. Mám Éan (Car Park) (L 892 495) Checkpoint 5 Cut-off at 5.00 pm. Water Refill Station. 32.6 km
You can avail of a lift back to base from here.
The Western Way swings sharply to the left (north east) for the main climb of the day, climbing 150 m steadily uphill on a rocky track over a 1.5 km distance to reach the Mám Éan Oratory. This is followed by a corresponding ramble downhill, for 3 km, on a grassy dry bog track until it joins a minor road to cross the Failmore River.

9. Failmore River (Bridge) (L 925 524) Checkpoint 6

Water Refill Station. 37.4 km walked. (Teernakill River).
You can avail of a lift back to base.
The Western Way continues uphill along the minor road, climbing 60m. Then downhill to meet a T-junction at An Chorr [Cur] (L 936 534). Turn right and follow the minor road for 3 km until you arrive back at the base.

10. Maam Community Centre (L 962 523)

FINISH Be sure to sign out and collect your Certificate.

Food, tea & coffee … to end a great day.
Distance: 42.2 km Total Ascent : 554 m.

Walking boots, wet gear and sunblock, food and refillable water bottle, distance walking stamina.
Water available at all checkpoints, bring your own bottle.
Please, Leave No Litter … banana skins, orange peel, sweet wrappers, paper tissues, etc.

Before leaving for home, thank the volunteers who give of their time to provide this wonderful day.