Galway Walking Club Photo Competition 2020

Take the best photo, and win a PRIZE!

1st prize – €100

2nd prize – €60

3rd prize – €40

The Competition rules are:
1. Photos must be taken on an official GWC walk in Ireland.
2. Your name, the location and the date of your photo.
3. Submit in jpg format.
4. One photo per person.
5. Photos to be taken between 16th January and 1st October 2020 (last submission date).
6. Submit to

Terms & Conditions
1. Only Galway Walking Club members are eligible.
2. Entrants to the competition warrant that the photograph they submit has been taken by the entrant on a GWC walk, that it is their own and that as owner they are fully entitled to use it for the purpose of the GWC Competition.

3. Where the photo submitted to the Competition contains any person or persons the Entrant warrants that those persons have given their permission for the photograph to be used in the Competition and on the GWC website and social media.
4. The decision of the panel to judge the photographs shall be final.
5. Entrants who provide false or misleading information will automatically be disqualified.

Details correct as at 19th February 2020